Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NYC Missions Trip

Hmm wow what a trip. It had its ups and its downs. My first hurdle was learning how to handle my parents as youth leaders. It was kinda hard at first but I eventually got used to it. I was really excited not only to be able to go to New York City but also because it was my first missions trip and I was ready to go conquer the world! Okay so maybe not but you get the idea! I was also looking forward to getting to know my youth friends better! My day started with lots of laughing when Dalen pulled in with an ugly black bus!! We picked up everyone else at FMHS at 8. Vernon led in prayer and we were off! All 25 of us! Sadly the odds were not in the girls' favor. There were 15 guys and only 5 girls!! The trip went fairly well. Kirby led in a devotional which was really good and dad even had us play a game were you had to say something nobody would know about you. Did anyone know Matt hates knock knock jokes or that Alicia E's dad used to strap her in a chair when she was little because she couldn't sit still?
 In case anyone one was wondering here is the list of people that went:
Dalen and Merletta Grove; Doug, Diane, Amanda and Bethany Fuhrman; Alicia and Ryan Esh; Matt, Ian  ans Amy Gingerich; Patrick and Kirby Weaver; Alicia and Brandon Schlabach; James Barkman; Daren and Dereck Ranck; Brendon Martin; Loretta and Jason Gieb; Jarod Good; Jordan Zimmerman; Austin Beiler; and Evan Beiler
Dalen managed  his way through the New York traffic perfectly! I have to say one of the funniest moment on the was up was when Kirby was reading over Amy's shoulder and she had happened to be reading my book "Return" by Karen Kingsbury and he read the words "He brushed his knuckles against her cheekbone, along the line of her jaw" lets just say there was quite a bit of laughing that followed! My attention was immediately on the streets when we started driving through NYC. I couldn't help but think of the song "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath the whole weekend! Anytime I would walk the streets or hand out a track that song would come back. My friend before I left told me not to fall in love with some black guys with cornrows while i was up there. She had nothing to fret about :). We reached followers of Jesus Mennonite Church at about 2ish i think and met with the man who would be our leader for the weekend. His name is Daniel Polard. He was a huge asset over the weekend! The first thing he did was tell us a little about what was going to happen over the next couple of days and then he split us into groups for the weekend. Since there was 15 guys and only 5 girls, each group had 1 girl and 3 guys. My group was James who was the leader and then me Ian and Ryan. Our first job was to hand out flier for the free breakfast that we were planning on making the next morning. My group got an easy street. Our street was all business's. I was really nervous at first after the first couple I became more and more comfortable. The one time I went up to 3 men leaning by a car and asked them if they would be interested in coming. The one guy asked if I would be there and I replied that I was and then he made the comment "then I will definitely be there" lets just say I stuck close to James, Ian and Ryan after that! The total of papers handed was probably over 150. We spent the rest of the day unpacking and playing some wacky group games down at the church. Evolution had to be my favorite. We did have some plans but the rain kind of canceled them. But that did give us an opportunity to work on the play that we were going to perform at the Bowery Mission Saturday night. I was a demon! CREEPY! But we had fun working out the kinks and just getting to know everyone better. Us girls stayed in the basement of Daniel Pollard's house. We each got our own bed oh yeah! :P. The guys ended up staying in an apartment beside Daniel's. That was just one day. I hope I haven't bored ya'll to badly :) If I find the time I will try and post about the rest of the trip.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Preparation!

Well its only Tuesday and already i am completely packed except for my electronics that is! My family is still rather exhausted from the missions trip so it been rather stressful getting ready. This will be my first time out of country so i am praying that it will go well. For all those who care I will try to keep this up during our trip that is if anyone wants to read it :)