Friday, July 6, 2012

Belize-Day 5 & 6 & 7

Day 5&6 (Saturday & Sunday)
  Our last day... The hardest day of all... :/ We woke up at 6 and packed up everything and put it all on the bus. We cleaned out all the rooms. We had to practice our skit before breakfast. The skit for the day was the crucifiction. The most important skit yet. This was for all the marbols. By 8 everyone was headed for our last meal at the pastors house. The cooks gave all the girls homemade seasoning that they put on their chicken. AMAZING stuff. :) Bible school started at nine that day since it was Sunday. We started out singing and then everyone moved to the school yard where we had crafts, games and snacks. I stayed with Manuala and Rivaldo's group the entire time. I had a blast! I got to hand out beads for salvation message bracelets and play flying dutchmen. I received many goodbye presents that I will forever cherish. After all the groups went through the stations we had the play. It went fantastic up until James (who was playing Jesus) was about to say "father forgive them." A snake came literally out of nowhere and caused an uproar which was quickly squelched when Jason promptly squished it! The play was still a success. So many kids were there and even the big bad guys showed up on their bikes and before we left I got an opportunity to talk to some of them. When the invitation was given Manuala accepted Christ as her Saviour! YAY :):):) Then everyone joined hands and sang We've got the Power. Let me tell you that was one big circle! Then seemingly before it had even started it was over! Goodbyes were hurried because we had to make the water taxi in time. Sieed and Manwell didn't come. That was really hard because they had promised they would. At 10:45 we were rolling out. It was all I could do to keep from tearing up. We ate lunch on the bus needless to say i wasn't very hungry but I ate it all because I knew I would need the energy for the rest of the day. The guys soon cheered us up by singing any song we requested if they knew it.  Admittedly, they were pretty good! We did catch the water taxi to Caye Caulker on time thankfully and it was about a 45 min ride out there. The hotel that we stayed at was 2 min walk from the beach and it was pure luxury! Beds, AC, running water, etc. apparently Thirst Missions has the hotel booked for 2 months! We quickly changed for snorkeling and went and got sized up for our gear. The boat ride out to the barrier reef was amazing! Ok before this trip I was terrified of the ocean! So to jump out of the boat was a big thing but man did i have a blast once I did! Apparently this is the 2nd greatest barrier reef in the world! I saw so many fish and beautiful coral and the best yet was I swan with sharks!! They were literally like inches away. Us girls only saw 2 while the guys apparently swam with like 15. We also swam with sting rays. Awesome creatures. They would swim right under you. We even go to touch them! They are gooey. :) After cleaning up we ate supper at a buffet called Happy Crab or something like that. Then it was off to explore the island (which is relatively small but absolutely beautiful), chase crabs, shop for souvenirs, almost get lost, break soda bottles while trying to open them, and discuss whether laundry mat and laundromat were the same thing and whether it was one word or two! At 8:30 we went on the roof of our hotel and sang songs and shared how we saw God work in each member of the group that week. It lasted like 2 hours but it was worth every second. All in all it was a hard/great/amazing day. 

  The next morning we went to catch the water taxi at 9 but it didnt come till 9:45 so we took pictures, talked and some of the guys swam. We actually ended up missing our flight so its costing us $7500 since we had to transfer flights. More fundraisers! We waited like 3 hours and caught the next flight at 2:30 and arrived in Miami at 4:30 Belize time, 6:30 our time. we had a 4 hour layover there and caught our flight home at 10:45. We arrived at Reagan, dc about 1:30 am Tuesday morning, got our stuff and went home! I didn't reach home till about 4 am. So there ya go our awesome week! 


  1. looks and sounds amazing!! do another play to raise the extra money... ill come watch.. but praise God everything went well!

  2. Thanks Lanae! Baha that would be fun but I dont see that happening in the near future