Friday, July 6, 2012

Belize-Day 5

Day 5 (Saturday) 
Today was a bit more relaxing. The guys had to wake up at 6 to pour the cement that didn't come till like 8:30 :) Flexibility is key. ;) A few of them learned how to sleep on church benches. Us girls woke up at around  8. Alicia and Marybeth woke Krista up by dog-piling on her. Quite amusing to watch actually. There was a nice breeze going all day although at times the skies would sprinkle a little rain here and there. Once again we were painting in the morning but to throw a twist on things we had to paint the rebar from the inside of the church so we had to reach through the wooden windows to the rebar. :) But we successfully got that finished up and a few of us got to watch some of the church men that had been helping pour cement jam out up front. This little church had a drum set, a keyboard, an electric guitar and a bass guitar and 2 huge speakers. And for some reason they loved turning the bass way up! I soon learned why the whole congregation sits in the way back of the church! As I sat there watching them i realized in less than 24 hours we will have left this small village of August Pine Ridge. I started to dread leaving! Relationships were just starting to form and become strong and we would just have to up and leave them with little chance of furthered communication since none of them have address. At least they have Pastor Fernandez and his church family. I sincerely pray that some of the kids with find hope and love there. After lunch we prayer walked again but this time there were no surprises! I wasn't in that day's play so it wasn't necessary for me to attend practice so packed up awhile and got a chance to talk with Kelly and Austin and practice my spanish on little Wendy and Angel. Bible school's skit for the day was Daniel in the Lions den with the theme of God protects. I got to introduce the Skits and then wandered around just taking pics and watching the kids. Afterwards The guys played one last game of Futbol with the kids. Needless to say we lost once again. But our guys played amazingly! We almost had them that time! We invited all the guys to come to the church service that night and especially to the last vbs on Sunday morning. We attended church that night. Apparently at the end of every month they have a time of testimonies. I sat right in front of the speakers. STUPID THING TO DO! But I had Wendy and Angel on either side of me so I lived. It was mostly Spanish singing. Someone would come up and say something like "I am thankful for the health God has given me" and then they would sing a song in espanol. At one point I looked out the side door and there Rivaldo was peering in and watching, when i waved at him to come in he shook his head. At the end of the service the church gave every last one of us a souvenir/gift. It really seems that the major love language down here is giving. Everyday I had something given to me whether it was a pack of spice or a set of earrings. I never knew what to expect. Then the  pastor asked whomever in the congregation who wanted us to come back to please raise their hand. Almost every hand went up and my heart broke! I wanna come back! When we headed back to our rooms I realized that some of the guys that had been playing futbol had sat outside the church and watched us the entire time. Jacob, one of the guys, told me he was gonna sleep there the entire night. :) We still didn't have water that night so a bunch of us learned how to take bucket showers! Then we packed up everything that we could. 

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