Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life Decisions

Life decision are so hard and weighty! Topic of choice tonight: career. So many of you know I ADORE kids and I have often fantasizes about my dream job and really it always came back to being a nanny. I mean imagine being able to hang out and take care of children all day and be able to call that work! It's hard to comprehend! I have been applying for many jobs on a sight called care.com for the past 3 months. I actually got an interview. But suddenly all these fears hit. Is a nanny job Even stable enough? What happens when the kids go back to school? And so many more! Ok I will say I am hugely blessed to have a job at Hobby Lobby. They are an amazing company! And my looking elsewhere is in no means because they treat me badly or anything. It's just if I have a chance to have a job I truly love! That I wake up in the morning excited for. That I would be heart wrenched to leave. Why not take a shot at it. So I finally heard back from a lady and I have an interview with her today and I am soooo nervous! But I know God has this all under control whether it's a yes or a no. So I think this is a big long drawn out prayer request. And if anyone has any advice please pipe up! I need all the support I can get! Love y'all! {TGBATG} Bethany

Monday, April 28, 2014

Prayer Request

Ok I will Admit I am not much of A blogger but I LOVE writing (if I am writing by my own rules) and I kind of have a prayer request on my heart tonight. I am very seriously thinking about going to EBI (3rd term) (6 weeks) and Igo (2nd Semester) (4 months) all in the same year (2015) and I realize that this is a big decision especially because of cost and the fact that I am still paying of my new car and I don't have the most lucrative job on the planet. Which leads to another dilemma, there is probably in no way possible for me to keep my job and go to both of these schools. I don't know. I just have all these questions flying around in my head. I have always wanted to go to bible school and it has also been my dream since 3rd grade to go to Asia (particularly Thailand and Korea). Which leads to the biggest question. Is it God's will for my to spend 2015 at EBI and Igo because that is really all that matters is glorifying my Savior. So all that in saying I wouldn't mind your prayers as I explore these options. thanks Everyone!