Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Life Decisions

Life decision are so hard and weighty! Topic of choice tonight: career. So many of you know I ADORE kids and I have often fantasizes about my dream job and really it always came back to being a nanny. I mean imagine being able to hang out and take care of children all day and be able to call that work! It's hard to comprehend! I have been applying for many jobs on a sight called care.com for the past 3 months. I actually got an interview. But suddenly all these fears hit. Is a nanny job Even stable enough? What happens when the kids go back to school? And so many more! Ok I will say I am hugely blessed to have a job at Hobby Lobby. They are an amazing company! And my looking elsewhere is in no means because they treat me badly or anything. It's just if I have a chance to have a job I truly love! That I wake up in the morning excited for. That I would be heart wrenched to leave. Why not take a shot at it. So I finally heard back from a lady and I have an interview with her today and I am soooo nervous! But I know God has this all under control whether it's a yes or a no. So I think this is a big long drawn out prayer request. And if anyone has any advice please pipe up! I need all the support I can get! Love y'all! {TGBATG} Bethany